Tver regional picture gallery

Sovetskaya street, 3

Tver regional picture gallery was founded in 1866 (as part of Tver museum). Opened as an independent museum in 1937.

Since 1929 — the Art gallery of the museum of local lore, since 1937 — Kalinin regional picture gallery, from 1990 bears its modern name.

Since 1896 (with a break in the 1936-1961 years) gallery is located in the building of the Tver Imperial palace, the monument of architecture of XVIII — XIX centuries (architects P. R. Nikitin, M. F. Cozakov, K. I. Rossi, A. I. Rezanov).

Section of ancient Russian art includes icons of Tver school of the 14th-16th centuries, unique tver frescoes of the 15th-16th centuries, collection of «Royal gates» and wooden sculpture, collection of copper plastics, works of S. Ushakov and other famous painters.

The following collections of the Russian art of XVIII-XX centuries are the most significant and interesting: portraits of the XVIII — beginning of the XX century (I. Vishnyakov, A. Antropov, F. Rokotov, V. Borovikovsky, S. Shchukin, V. Tropinin; «Rossika»), allegorical and religious paintings of the XVIII century, works of Venetsianov and artists of his school (G. Soroka, N. Krylov, A. Tyranov, etc), the landscape art of the XIX-XX centuries (I. Levitan, S. Zhukovskii, K. Korovin, I. Grabar, A. Rylov, A. Stepanov, V. Byalynitsky-Birula, etc.), works of Valentin Serov and artists of his circle’s estate Domotkanovo (N. Simonovich-Efimova, I. Efimov, V. Derviz, V. Favorsky, etc.), easel and monumental sculptures of the XX century (N. Andreev, V. Mukhina, S. Konenkov, B. Korolev, I. Shadr, I. Frih-Har, I. Efimov, A. Zelensky, E. Neizvestny, O. Komov, etc.).

Collection of west-european art includes paintings, sculpture, drawings and engravings of Italian, French, German, Dutch, flemish and other schools of the 16th-20th centuries, including, L. Korona, I. Magnasco, S. de Braya, N. Muyarta, I. Kuapelya, F. Batallyoli, F. de Trois, K.-Zh. Vernet, I. Govartsa.

Significant and diverse section of decorative-applied art: porcelain and faience of Russia (including the most complete in the country collection of products of the Auerbach-Kuznetsova plant (now — Konakovo faience factory), with about 7000 units), Europe, East; Russian and european art furniture, art glass, metal, fabric, etc.